The Lovely Addict

Term glossary


Below are some abbreviations I use a lot on this blog and so I’ve listed them here:

 D= the wonderful guy I am with now, and with whom I live. We have been dating since January 15, 2009.

G= my old “person of addiction” with whom I am no longer addicted, but am still friendly, when we bump into eachother from time to time. He is also the G in the Love Addict documentary. Hmm…you can easily put the pieces together to figure out his name.

S= not a “person of addiction” but someone I dated after G. He was a nice guy, but a pot smoker. When we split, it was then that I realized I could never date a guy who did any kind of drugs or heavy drinking. Every person you meet is a teacher. He taught me that my values need to be more important than my need for a relationship.

HP = Higher Power (God, in my case)

LA= Love Addict

LAA= Love Addicts Anonymous

N= Narcissist

NC= No Contact

PoA= Person of Addiction

Susan= Susan Peabody

SW= Seductive Withholder

The forums = Together, Susan Peabody and I run a love addiction forum, which can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Term glossary”

  1. hello Lovelyjune…a while back you wrote a beautiful post about” not eating garbage” on the other website….i’ve been trying to find it,,,do you remember it…i very much need to read it over and over…can you please tell me where i can find it again…you should print a book on all the post and advice that you give…your truely a God send.thank you


  2. I seriously dont even know how I ended up proper here, but I believed this write-up was beneficial. I dont recognize exactly who you are but certainly youre going to a popular tumblr when you are not already. Cheers!


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